GitHub Action

Kani offers a GitHub Action for running Kani in CI. As of now, only Ubuntu 20.04 with x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu is supported for Kani in CI.

Using Kani in your GitHub workflow

Our GitHub Action is available in the GitHub Marketplace.

The following workflow snippet will checkout your repository and run cargo kani on it whenever a push or pull request occurs. Replace <MAJOR>.<MINOR> with the version of Kani you want to run with.

name: Kani CI
    runs-on: ubuntu-20.04
      - name: 'Checkout your code.'
        uses: actions/checkout@v3

      - name: 'Run Kani on your code.'
        uses: model-checking/kani-github-action@v<MAJOR>.<MINOR>

This will run cargo kani on the code you checked out.


The action takes the following optional parameters:

  • command: The command to run. Defaults to cargo kani. Most often, you will not need to change this.
  • working-directory: The directory to execute the command in. Defaults to .. Useful if your repository has multiple crates, and you only want to run on one of them.
  • args: The arguments to pass to the given ${command}. See cargo kani --help for a full list of options. Useful options include:
    • --output-format=terse to generate terse output.
    • --tests to run on proofs inside the test module (needed for running Bolero).
    • --workspace to run on all crates within your repository.


  • Kani takes too long for my CI: Try running Kani on a schedule with desired frequency.
  • Kani Silently Crashes with no logs: Few possible reasons:
    • Kani ran out of RAM. GitHub offers up to 7GB of RAM, but Kani may use more. Run locally to confirm.
    • GitHub terminates jobs longer than 6 hours.
    • Otherwise, consider filing an issue here.